Cloud Adoption

Utilisation of cloud technologies amongst businesses is now standard practice. They provide the agility to react to organisational change, digital disruption, cost pressures and the demands of an increasingly unpredictable economic backdrop.

The journey into cloud adoption can at first appear daunting. The reality is that the transition is both straightforward and seamless.

Why Connectus for cloud adoption?

  • Cost control: Opex-based solutions remove upfront investments and provide fully inclusive service costs, enabling you to predict spend and spread the cost
  • Enhanced customer experience: Seamless integration with your back-office systems, ensuring agents can deliver efficient and effective customer service
  • Improved internal collaboration: Get your staff talking, wherever they are, across a variety of mediums
  • Mobile workforce:Work is a thing you do, not a place you go. Cloud provides you with a way to ensure that all employees remain productive, wherever they are, whatever they are doing, and whatever their devicey
  • Supporting compliance and regulation:Integrate with internal systems, archive and retrieve business-critical customer data
  • Growth and agility: On-site IT is an impediment. It is expensive, time consuming to purchase and manage, and cumbersome. Cloud lets you access extra services quickly and when you need them

Competitive Pricing

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