Sales Bond Ltd.


Sales Bond is an independent telesales company specialising in lead generation and appointment setting. Their proficiency and ambition have led to impressive growth of their own and they recently moved into new offices to accommodate their increasing team.

With Sales Bond being very much a forward-thinking business, they were keen to equip themselves with a full suite of next-generation technology tools that would match their growth ambitions. And crucially, with customer data entrusted to them as a core function of their service, it was imperative their processes, networks and people were resilient. 

Sales Bond had limited in-house tech knowledge and chose Connectus because we gave them the confidence we could support their business needs during and after the relocation and offer a seamless, one stop shop service. Only one point of contact in any given technology-driven situation.


With the relocation complete, Sales Bond explained what they required to ensure they could perform at optimal levels in their new premises. 

As so much of their work is dependent on communication, they needed a service that was cost-effective, fast and reliable. And with large amounts of client data they needed a solution that provided outstanding security and the ability to demonstrate that they are able to keep sensitive information safe.

Sales Bond engaged Connectus to provide state-of-the-art VoIP telephony, IT support and cyber protection services.


With Connectus at their side, Sales Bond’s relocation was smooth, and they were able to resume working at full capacity within days. 

Happily settled in their new offices and with a range of next-generation technologies at their fingertips, Sales Bond are already busily consolidating and building on their growth targets.

More agile, better connected and protected from cyber threats, Sales Bond are fully prepared for the future.

Nicole Markham, Managing Director of Sales Bond, said, “From day one, Roy Shelton and the Connectus team have taken the time to listen to our needs and find solutions that work for our business. We were using them before our move and their services have played a huge part in our ability to grow.”

“When your tech knowledge is limited, easy access to expert support is exceptionally important. Traditionally we have found communication between our phone supplier and IT support provider problematic. Cyber security was a concern that we knew we needed to address but not sure how. 

“Now we have a one stop shop encompassing all our technological needs, with one point of contact, one invoice and  one ticket system.  Most importantly, the Connectus team all know us and crucially understand our business.”

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