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In 2018, Connectus was engaged to provide online training and cybersecurity services as well as GDPR compliance guidance. At that time, the platform had recorded up 20,000 users on its site each month.

The world-changing events of early 2020 have seen a significant increase in the demands being placed on resources and as such the Connectus cybersecurity team were on hand to advise and assist.


Connectus provided a Virtual Data Protection Officer and processed NHS and university compliance applications on their behalf, liaising with senior stakeholders at client companies to arrive at the best solution.

Connectus also successfully guided through Cyber Essentials certification and IASME governance, and registered the company as a safe service provider, in accordance with the NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit supplier register.

Working with the company’s existing IT development company, Connectus tightened security across the platform and provided training to staff to improve data security and privacy for the business.

Connectus also provided penetration testing and ensured comprehensive and actionable reports were provided to and client companies.


Connectus has now taken over management and delivery of the operational platform in order to provide services to customers and to ensure its cybersecurity exceeds expectations.

In addition to ongoing maintenance of Cyber Essentials, IASME and NHS DSPT certifications, Connectus will provide further development work on their behalf to integrate the system into an identity provider platform used by many companies and organisations in the healthcare sector.

Connectus CEO Roy Shelton said: “We’re delighted to have been working with for almost two years now. The growth in their business has been amazing and to be part of that journey is both humbling and testimony to our technical engineering teams. In such difficult times and prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s important to note we continue to innovate to ensure we can mitigate costs, complexity and risks for our clients whilst providing world-class service.” Company Secretary Sharon Kingman said: “All of the work that Connectus has carried out for us has been done exceptionally well. They have handled numerous complex documents with skill and assurance, at the same time explaining the issues to us in a way we can understand. They have always got back to us in a timely way. Connectus gave us great confidence by explaining what the project involved and how the work was going to be carried out. We feel lucky to have identified such an excellent supplier for this type of work.”