Secure Managed Server and Website Hosting

Based in secure resilient data centres across The Northern Powerhouse and the Midlands regions, and providing high-speed network capacity throughout the UK and beyond, Connectus is proud to present robust hosting services for data storage and backup, websites and more bespoke applications.

Using a multi-site resilient infrastructure engineered to provide high-performance and high-availability, our servers and their services are designed, managed and tested to remove as many vulnerabilities as possible providing rapid responses to site visitors and service users alike.

Service Security

All websites and web services are billed as secure. No-one would admit otherwise would they?

But they are usually anything but. Just look at the daily news about breaches caused by poor configuration or a lack of due diligence, or even worse, because they never thought it would happen to them.

At Connectus, we take security very in everything we do, and we never take anything for granted.

Our servers are securely configured, managed to the best available standards, and are protected by a number of defensive layers, both inside and out. And we keep an eye out for ‘interested’ visitors too.

Managed Infrastructure

With nearly 40 years of combined systems configuration and management experience within public sector, telecommunications, legal and financial services and having had responsibility for securing sensitive personal information as well as information about sensitive individuals on internet-facing systems, the team at Connectus know a thing or two about the importance of proper rigorous management procedures and testing, and maintaining a proper software update regime.

This sort of expertise cannot be automated.

That’s why our process involve real people supported by and supporting automated tools to minimise risks and improve security and availability.

Whether you simply want your WordPress or Drupal site to be securely managed, your healthcare worker training system hosting or you want to educate the next generation, Connectus are here to help.

We have now been working with Connectus for a little over a year. Initially they were helping us on GDPR issues with our clients; more recently, after we commissioned them to organise a penetration test on our website, they have become involved in advising on the security aspects of our servers and website. [As a result] We also commissioned Connectus to carry out [a number of significant] upgrades.

In terms of the server upgrades that they undertook to perform for us, I can hardly express how reassuring it has been to have Connectus doing this for us. They are able (and willing, just as importantly!) to explain what the problems are and how they may be solved.

Friendly, knowledgeable and professional responses when we need it