These are not normal times, but SMEs across the UK are going to have to keep business as normalised as possible if the entire economy is going to bounce back once the current pandemic has passed.

And here at Connectus, we wanted to point out some of the regular, normal services we provide that will help clients keep calm and carry on in such trying times.

These include our no-limits approach to connectivity — all Connectus clients enjoy unlimited data transfer and unlimited users making simultaneous use of the network.

Connectus CEO Roy Shelton said:

“All customers across all of our networks have been able to enjoy unlimited data consumption delivered to an unlimited number of concurrent users and we wanted to reiterate that point to our clients as the demand for robust, cost-effective and secure connectivity increases.”

And it’s also business as usual here at Connectus when it comes to support — our Service Desk operations are not affected and clients can contact us at any time using the normal channels.

Roy Shelton said:

“All of our engineers are working hard to ensure we constantly monitor and maintain our network, telephony and cybersecurity services.”

Contact us today if you’d like to know more about remote working, cybersecurity and effective unified comms solutions during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.