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The UK partner channel is often overly complex with most of the risk placed on the Channel Partner. Expectations are set, generally poorly managed and often end up with poor mutual rewards.

The Connectus Partner Programme provides access into our broad portfolio of technology and cyber services, as well as depth of expertise through our people.

Partners will gain access – alongside training and enablement tools – to Connectus’s connectivity range as well as its cloud-based uCentrix voice and IP CCTV services. You can also access our newly launched cyber portfolio including network security, penetration-testing, as well as wrap-around training, information governance and compliance services.

The Connectus Partner Programme has a foundation, formed on three value pillars – our commitment to our partners.

  1. We want our partners to be integrated and seamless with Connectus
  2. We want to share all of our successes and learning with our partners and in turn with all of our mutual clients
  3. We want to ensure be fair, transparent and provide a simple approach to doing business with us whilst enjoying a world class experience

We have two types of partners…

Go-to-Market Partners

All of  our partners are approved to promote and sell our VoiP, connectivity and cyber related services throughout the UK. You can even white-label our solutions if you wish.

All of our approved partners receive full training and are supported by our partner programme run via a dedicated team and an online portal where they will be access a wide range of technical and commercial information along with process documentation and industry research.

If you are interested in becoming a go to market partner or a reseller wishing to work increase the range of VoiP, Connectivity and Cyber related services to your clients, then please call Duncan Shaw on 01302 230713 or email

Technology Partners

We have a small but world class team of technology partners who work with us to provide our clients with work class solutions.

We embrace and value the expertise and R&D capabilities of our technology partners and welcome new and innovative technology partners to contact us regarding the possibility of working together.

If you are interested in becoming a Technology Partners then please call Duncan Shaw on 01302 230713 or email

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