Business Accreditations

Through Connectus Protect, we offer a range of tools to defend against the accidental, the negligent, and the malicious attack, along with complying with the latest complex legislation.

As well as an onsite consultancy which can cover Document Set creation and Cyber Awareness, we also offer full ISO audits, along with all three levels of Cyber Essentials Accreditation (Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials with IASME Governance and Cyber Essentials Plus) and Awareness Training for all your members of staff.

We also provide a managed service for delivery of document sets and updates, and Low, Medium and High-Risk Data Protection Officer provision.

Experts in ethical hacking, we can undertake comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration, and Phishing Tests and provide three different grades of Audit Package.

Why choose Connectus?

Connectus do not simply provide an impressive range of security measures to ensure your network has best-in-class defences, we have the expertise to ensure that all are implemented to an industry-leading standard.

Our multi-layered approach means we can offer the training and accreditations to boost your knowledge, capability and reputation on security-related matters as well as the software and testing to ensure your networks are aggressively fortified.

Through a combination of expert people, industry-leading, innovative products and services, and an unerring dedication to our customers’ security objectives, Connectus is the natural choice for businesses who don’t like taking risks when it comes to cybersecurity.

Finally I have found a service provider that over-delivers! I can run my business efficiently and effectively without having to worry about phones and IT. They are a perfect one-stop shop, looking after our telecoms, IT support and cybersecurity.