Connectus Protect

Connectus Protect is our flagship solution and is designed to help your business remain safe wherever your team or staff may be working in a post-Covid lockdown world.

Our carefully chosen set of software products provide cost-effective yet comprehensive protection to your company’s devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

The individual elements of our cyber stack of services work together to provide total protection against bad actors getting access to your data and prevent staff installing unapproved applications. This comprehensive collection of tools monitors your activities and alerts your technical team to issues before they become problems.

And cost-effective enough for clients to enjoy corporate-level cyber protection for the price of a daily coffee.

Internet Protection

Depending on your business’ needs, to provide the initial boundary between your business and the internet we would use either Heimdal Enterprise or SonicWall Capture Client, both of which provide

  • robust protection against malware
  • centrally managed firewall settings
  • incoming and outgoing content filtering, including potentially malicious emails

Unlike other solutions, these allow your business to define what can be accessed, whether your staff are in the office, at home or working in a high street coffee shop  – your protection is everywhere they are.

Asset Management

We have often been asked how businesses can retain control of personal company devices including smartphones when the manufacturers go out of their way to make this difficult. Typical questions include:

“How can we retain control of our iPhones once the user has them?”

“What if they don’t give it back? How can we lock or erase it?”

Generally speaking, this sort of control is the domain of large, complex corporate solutions which come with large corporate price tags, rather than for small businesses with more modest budgets.

We are proud to announce that through our partnership with Miradore we are now able to bring these capabilities to our customers and help them better control and manage their technology in a range of environments.

Data auditing

The European Union bought information management to the forefront of businesses attention in 2018 with the introduction of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which forces businesses to maintain control of the personal information under its control.

In our new, decentralised workplace this becomes difficult for smaller businesses to achieve, yet this is precisely where the biggest risks are found to be exploited by nefarious individuals.

NetWrix provides a cost-effective yet viable solution to the problem, enabling SMEs to know where their data is and understand how it got there.

Activity monitoring

The most time-consuming (and also usually the most expensive) element of protecting any business is the collection of information about how its technology is being used.

Yet this is one of the main requirements of the Data Protection Act: that in the event of an incident, an organisation is able to trace how the incident started and what information is affected.

ThreatDefence is designed for just such a purpose and through our managed service, we can provide the necessary level of monitoring and reporting to help your business avoid incidents before they become catastrophes.

Finally, I have found a service provider that over-delivers! I can run my business efficiently and effectively without having to worry about phones and IT. They are a perfect one-stop shop, looking after our telecoms, IT support and cybersecurity.