Cyber Security Audits

The data an organisation holds is its lifeblood. Without it, a business can cease to function within hours.

Not only is data critical to the continuity of operations, through various legislature, not least the Data Protection Act (the UK’s answer to the European Union’s GDPR), data breaches can have a devastating impact on finances, future ambitions, and reputation.

The Data Protection Act (2018), which came into force on May 25th, 2018, represented the EU’s most significant strengthening and unification of data protection protocols in a generation. The demands it has placed on organisations that handle data are such that contraventions can lead to severe penalties, from intrusive ICO inspections, to restrictions on data usage, to debilitating fines.

Connectus works with clients to block malicious internet requests and files employees might miss. Not only do we detect and analyse destructive behaviours, we respond with full reporting, outbreak control and quarantine so that any breach, however small, is met with an immediate and aggressive reaction.

We provide expert consultation and support with the implementation of procedures and processes so that your organisation is not only compliant with the legislation but can discover innovative ways of maximising your data inventories.

Why Choose Connectus?

Connectus do not just provide an impressive range of security measures to ensure your network has best-in-class defences, we have the expertise to ensure that all are implemented to an industry-leading standard.

Our multi-layered approach means we can offer the training and accreditations to boost your knowledge, capability and reputation on security-related matters as well as the software and testing to ensure your networks are aggressively fortified.

Through a combination of expert people, industry-leading, innovative products and services, and an unerring dedication to our customers’ security objectives, Connectus is the natural choice for businesses who don’t like taking risks when it comes to cybersecurity.

All of the work that Connectus has carried out for us has been done exceptionally well. They have handled numerous complex documents with skill and assurance, at the same time explaining the issues to us in a way we can understand. We feel lucky to have identified such an excellent supplier for this type of work.