Connectus can trace it’s airport industry experience back to 2013, when the team built their first full-fibre network at Doncaster Sheffield airport.

Today, Connectus meets all the unified communications needs of hundreds of commercial clients at Doncaster Sheffield, Manchester City, Durham Tees Valley and Sywell Aerodrome airport, as well as their airports’ own operations.

In order to meet the demands of our clients and also the growing number of air passengers ,we have designed, installed and maintain mission critical connectivity  core and edge switching and active equipment including passenger Wi-Fi  and VOIP ensuring these solutions remain secure, robust and future proof.

All over the UK, Connectus has also introduced a managed service to provide real-time, non-contact measurements that can spot airport visitors with elevated temperatures and help keep Covid-19 at bay.

Temperature Sentinel by Connectus allows business managers to maintain a live, 24/7 overview of site visitors and identify those who may be suffering from the Covid-19 coronavirus or another illness.