Connectus helps businesses fly with 100% Gigabit cover

Connectus Group, a leading connectivity, IP-voice and cyber specialist, has announced they have now achieved 100% gigabit coverage of their services across Doncaster Sheffield Airport business park.

Occupying more than half a million square feet of office, warehousing and manufacturing space, with outstanding rail, road and air links, the business park is home to 120 businesses who are now set to benefit from the superfast connection.

Connectus is an approved supplier under the governments Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme, which provides grants to eligible businesses for the installation of the Gigabit connection. Connectus has already delivered over 100 Gigabit Vouchers providing
fully-funded installation to SME customers and a strong uptake is expected at the business park.

The gigabit capability will not only allow businesses to improve productivity and efficiency but will also enable them to take full advantage of emerging technologies like VOIP and new cloud applications.

“Doncaster Sheffield Airport Business Park is one of the most exciting developments in the region and offers unrivalled access to the UK’s newest airport as well as the Sheffield City Region. The 62-acre business park has planning consent for over 2,000,000 square feet (186,000 sq. m) of commercial space and is the perfect location for office developments, warehousing and distribution units. As the park continues to grow, we are ideally situated to now extend our coverage into these areas along with additional business parks across the Northern Powerhouse region.”

Andy Marsden, Connectus Group Business Development Director

Connectus provide full-fibre business connectivity, VoIP Telephony, cyber-security audits and accreditations, penetration testing and data / IT Governance solutions to over 250 businesses throughout the UK.

It is, however, their fresh collaborative approach in applying technology pragmatically to businesses, that is winning plaudits and generating transformational results for customers.

To find out how you can collaborate with Connectus and benefit from the Gigabit Voucher Scheme, why not call them right now on 0330 440 4848 or email

Read more about the Gigabit Voucher Scheme here

Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme goes live

As part of the UK Government’s pledge to deliver greater broadband connectivity, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport launched its Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme nationwide in the first quarter of the year backed by a £67 million funding pot.
Simply put, if you’re tired of poor connectivity, and it’s hurting your business, this is the scheme for you.
The initiative is designed to enable your business to receive ‘gigabit-capable’ connectivity. It’s all about faster, more reliable connections to help SMEs do more.
And if that isn’t enough reason to experience gigabit broadband, the scheme provides a voucher for free installation worth up to £2,500.
But remember, the scheme has an end date of March 2021 or until the funding has been applied for.

Top UK cities to start a new digital business

When looking at the best places to start up and grow a new business, it’s no surprise that strong digital access is considered essential when it comes to making the list.
Business support firm Informi carried out a study to identify the top 20 best places in the UK to start a small business – with a high level of access to ultrafast broadband one of the key criteria. The results? The top spot went to Ipswich, which has good coverage of both Openreach’s superfast network and Virgin Media’s ultrafast cable platform.
Start-Up’s Cities Index 2017 gave digital connectivity similar importance when naming its top 25 UK cities to start a new business outside London. Access to business support, including accelerators, science and business parks with superfast broadband, were, once again, all highly valued.
Oxford made the list due in part to its impressive Science Vale UK Enterprise Zone, one of the most well-regarded science park complexes in the UK, providing world-leading facilities including superfast broadband.
Closely following Oxford was Gloucester, a region that saw almost 4,000 new businesses start-up in 2016.
And Hull landed its spot largely because of its enormous Enterprise Zones, offering a range of benefits including superfast broadband.
But the question remains – do UK businesses have the technology they need to meet the growing pressures of the global economy?