Since the Government announced its backing of a full fibre Britain, connectivity specialists across the UK have been working hard to get SME’s fibre ready!
Connectus Group Limited based in Doncaster near Robin Hood Airport is one such Government approved supplier that is working with businesses in Yorkshire and the north of England on connectivity solutions.
The company is pleased to announce that in line with the £67m Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme launched by BDUK, 10% of the Connectus customer base is now experiencing full fibre internet speeds of up to 1Gbps for their business.
Andy Marsden, Connectus business development director explains: “Since the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme was announced, businesses across the north of England have been snapping up the grant opportunity.
“Upgrading business connectivity makes perfect business sense and is a decision that business owners need to look into sooner rather than later if they are to stay ahead of competitors and continue to build a compelling and sustainable advantage. We are making it easy for customers to adopt a more modern and cost-effective approach to working and improving efficiencies via the adoption of cloud base services, VOIP and Cyber security counter measures, all of which can be accessed over our full fibre network.”
All small and medium sized businesses can apply through the voucher scheme to be awarded a £2,500 grant which will cover the full cost of the entire fibre installation. The only cost to the SME is the VAT which can be reclaimed from HMRC if you are VAT registered.
For more information or to apply for a Gigabit Broadband Voucher visit our BDUK page or call: 0330 440 4848.

With the Government committing to a vision of a full fibre Britain by 2033, businesses could be eligible for grant funding to upgrade their connectivity.
Full Fibre broadband connections offer the fastest and most reliable internet speeds available, and as part of the Governments initiative, BDUK has announced a £67m Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme meaning all small and medium sized businesses across the UK can now apply for a £2,500 Gigabit voucher, to be used towards the installation costs of a gigabit capable connection.
Doncaster based telecommunications specialists Connectus Group Limited is a pre-approved Government supplier, who can offer businesses the support and guidance required when applying for a BDUK grant, making it even easier to get businesses connected to superfast broadband.
Andy Marsden, business development director for Connectus Group Limited explains: “There has been a huge take up of the £67m funding already, so make sure you take advantage of the £2,500 grant today, to help improve your organisations broadband connectivity.
“Demand for faster digital connectivity is set to accelerate in upcoming years and getting ready for gigabit internet speeds is an essential step for most businesses, don’t get left behind as we discontinue our legacy slower speeds in favour of our full fibre strategy”
To be eligible to apply for a Gigabit voucher, businesses must employ fewer than 250 people and have an annual turnover not exceeding £50 million and/or an annual balance sheet total not exceeding £43 million.
Businesses must also not have received more than the permitted amount of grant funding in the last three years. The broadband connection speeds that businesses are looking to achieve with the new internet connection, must also double the current broadband speeds.
For further details on all the BDUK Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme and the connectivity requirements contact Connectus today on 0330 440 4848 or email

Doncaster based Connectus Group, is starting as it means to go on after acquiring Eximus Solutions earlier in the year.
Since the acquisition in February, Connectus Group has been a hive of activity, investing in its services, networks, office facilities, team and external partnerships to create a force to be reckoned with, in the industry.
It is this proactiveness that has seen the company cement long established relationships, whilst forging new ones – to ensure customers can enjoy an all-inclusive range of business connectivity solutions.
One such partnership that Connectus has adopted is with Cirro Solutions that had a long-established relationship with Eximus Solutions as both a customer and supplier.
Since the buyout, Connectus Group has further developed the relationship with Cirro which sees both parties collaborating to deliver innovative and cost-effective Cloud infrastructure.
Cirro provide the Cloud Service Platform to Connectus for the UCentriX VoIP service, which is being rapidly deployed across SMEs and large corporates across the UK. Cirro has been a long-term user of UCentriX internally and has successfully delivered it to several of their own customers.
Another benefit to Connectus customers is a more recent collaboration with EbitConsultancy. Ebit provide the right processes, supported by the right technology to ensure businesses enjoy state-of-the-art online security. By identifying cyber threats and ensuring organisations are GDPR compliant -protects them, allowing business owners to concentrate on creating value.
Duncan Shaw, operations director at Connectus said: “Cirro has been one of our trusted technology partners for many years and run our entire Cloud Platform on our behalf. For us, Cirro solve the challenge around how we deliver true SaaS delivery in the right way. It makes sense for us to work closely with them to offer digital transformation and outcomes to our customers
“EbitConsultancy is one of our newest partners and now allows us to offer a cost effective GDPR solution on a managed services basis. The benefit to our ever-expanding client base is an instant and ongoing level of protection from current and potential data protection and cyber security threats.”
Michael Owen, Cirro managing director adds: “The most important ingredient to a successful partnership comes down to management culture and trust, that’s why we are seeing such great successes with our innovative partnership with the Connectus team.”
Scott Taylor, founder of EBIT Consultancy concludes: “We are thrilled to be working with such a progressive, vibrant and forward-thinking organisation such as Connectus. Being part of their growing list of innovation partners is a real honour and we are already delivering GDPR and cyber security projects via our relationship.”
For more information about Connectus and its partnerships call 0330 440 4848 or check out the company Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

Since launching at the start of the year and following the acquisition of a well-known Doncaster based telecommunications company, Connectus Group Limited is going from strength to strength.
The latest development following the connectivity expert’s office refurbishment in Meteor House, near Robin Hood Airport is the appointment of Andy Marsden (33) as Business Development Director.
Andy brings with him a wealth of experience working with the SME business community in the North of England and supporting them with a range of services to ensure their businesses continue to flourish, in what can be very demanding markets.
Andy Marsden said: “I really wanted to join Connectus as I had been watching their growth since the buyout of Eximus back in February, I liked the company ethos, their hunger for expansion and yet offering a personal, quality service to its customers. It was a no brainer really!
“I can’t wait to speak with the local business community about our quality services and show them how committed we are to help them and their workforce work faster and smarter.”
Andy will spend most of his time based in the Connectus head office alongside meeting existing and new connectivity, telephony and IT services clients in and around Yorkshire and the North West.
He will bring added sales and marketing flair to ensure Connectus further develops, expands and continues to offer quality services to its custom base.
Paul Ruocco, chairman of Connectus said: “We are delighted to welcome Andy to our already experienced team at Connectus. He will bring an abundance of business experience to the table which will benefit us as a company but ultimately our customers too.
“We want Connectus to be the guiding light for connectivity services in the North of England and Andy will be our driving force in achieving this.”

Connectus Group Limited is pleased to announce the acquisition of Eximus Solutions Limited based in Meteor House, near Robin Hood Airport in Doncaster.
The buyout means that Eximus Solutions becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Connectus and will trade under the name going forward.
The company will provide innovative technology via collaboration with their clients including ultrafast business and mission critical connectivity, alongside other value-added services including Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), GDPR compliance via a secure managed service, Data Backup, Network monitoring and security, CCTV and Door entry systems.
The business transaction for an undisclosed sum, will see the company enjoy a fully funded business plan aimed at extending the company’s reach across the trans Pennine area, create new jobs to meet increased demand for business connectivity services, increase the number of wholesales partners they work with and drive increased adoption of their services by Superfast South Yorkshire and other funded schemes via their new proactive sales and marketing team.
Paul Ruocco, Chairman of Connectus said: “We are delighted with the transaction and that we now have access to resources to match our growth aspiration for the business.
“We would like to thank all of our customers, partners and suppliers who have supported us for the past seven years and we look forward to extending our relationship with them and providing even greater value to those loyal and new relationships.”
In addition to the acquisition, Connectus is announcing that it has just invested a further £100,000 into network hosting improvements & refurbishments and new office space in and around the Doncaster Business Park – rounding up the total investment in these areas to £250,000.
Duncan Shaw, Connectus Director said: “Following our recent investment we are thrilled with the company road map and the way our processes and services will be improved as we continue to scale the business with the number of large organisations we serve across the north of England.
“It really is an exciting time to be working for and with Connectus.”
For more information about Connectus call 0330 440 4700, email or check out our social media pages.

Connectus Group Limited, the parent company of Eximus Solutions is pleased to announce its new membership with both The Doncaster Chamber and INCA – The independent networks cooperative association.
The two memberships will further strengthen the company’s offering to customers in the north of England.
Joining the Doncaster Chamber will allow Connectus to build close knit relationships with the business community in and around the town, especially our 150 clients across the Doncaster Airport, Business Park.
Duncan Shaw, Connectus operations director said:” Connectus has a long-standing relationship with Doncaster Business Club, so joining The Chamber was a natural extension of that association and will enable us to build mutually fruitful relationships with customers.”
Joining INCA will allow Connectus to build compelling relationships with other communications providers to allow the company and its team to lobby government for continuous change and investment into Full-Fibre infrastructure across the UK.
Duncan concludes: “Being able to work alongside industry leading peers to enhance our capabilities by sharing knowledge, ideas and best practice will continually drive the services we provide, allowing us to serve more customers across the north of England.
For more information about Connectus call 0330 440 4848, email or check out our social media pages.