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Refer a business to Connectus and if they become a client, you could earn a cash reward!

At Connectus we are great believers in two things: Firstly, sharing great contacts through our network of customers, suppliers and partnerships and secondly, rewarding those who have helped us to grow our network and client base.

Connectus are delighted to offer a Referral Scheme, allowing a qualifying individual to earn a cash reward equal to 3% of the 12 month total contract value for any business they refer. Terms and conditions apply and you can read them here

Refer a business to Connectus today and if they become a client, you will earn a cash reward based on their contract value over the first 12 months. You get paid 3 months after their contract starts so you don’t even need to wait long for your reward.  You can refer multiple contacts and keep receiving rewards.

Example cash rewards for qualifying referrals

£5,000 Project Value =
£150 cash payment to you
£25,000 Project Value =
£750 cash payment to you
£50,000 Project Value =
£1,500 cash payment to you
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A few key points

  • This referral scheme is only available to Connectus or Connectus Group customers, or employees thereof, providing the employee has explicit consent from their employer
  • The referrer will receive a one off cash reward equal to 3% of the 12 month total contract value, payable at the end of the 3rd month following (Excluding hardware)
  • Referrals must be for new customers only, referrals for existing or past customers are excluded from the referral scheme
  • The referrer must have expressed consent from the referred company to provide Connectus with their details
  • Eligible rewards are payable where any Service sold by Connectus to a Referred Company is where Connectus achieves at least 10% gross profit (calculated as the difference between the sales price and the direct cost price as a proportion of the sales price). Hardware is excluded.
  • Eligible rewards are available on where all Terms & Conditions of the Customer Referral Scheme are met

You can view full terms and conditions of this referral scheme here

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