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At Connectus we enable our customers to sleep well and run their businesses safely in the knowledge that we are protecting them 24×7 with our proven cyber-managed services.

The 2023 Cyber Threat Report stats

is up


Surges in IoT
malware up


Surges in crypto
jacking up


global ransomware attempts in 2022

493.3 million

Sectors Targeted

Education up


Finance up


Retail up


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Cyber Security Services:

Our multi-step Cyber Security approach allows you to choose the level of services that your business needs

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Step One

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Cyber Audits
& Cyber Accreditation

Step Two

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Connectus Protect
Cyber Managed Service

Step Three

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Vulnerability Scanning
& Penetration Testing

Step Four

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Virtual Data Protection Officer (DPO)
& Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

If Cyber Security seems like a mystery to you, take our quick Cyber Questionnaire below and find out how Cyber safe your business is.

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Cyber Questionnaire
Cyber Questionnaire

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    Cyber security is an increasing risk to all businesses.

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    Cyber Auditing

    The data an organisation holds is its lifeblood. Without it, a business can cease to function within hours.


    Not only is data critical to the continuity of operations, through various legislature, not least the Data Protection Act (the UK’s answer to the European Union’s GDPR), data breaches can have a devastating impact on finances, future ambitions, and reputation.

    The Data Protection Act (2018), which came into force on May 25th, 2018, represented the EU’s most significant strengthening and unification of data protection protocols in a generation. The demands it has placed on organisations that handle data are such that contraventions can lead to severe penalties, from intrusive ICO inspections, to restrictions on data usage, to debilitating fines.

    Connectus works with clients to block malicious internet requests and files employees might miss. Not only do we detect and analyse destructive behaviours, we respond with full reporting, outbreak control and quarantine so that any breach, however small, is met with an immediate and aggressive reaction.

    We provide expert consultation and support with the implementation of procedures and processes so that your organisation is not only compliant with the legislation but can discover innovative ways of maximising your data inventories.

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    Cyber Accreditation

    Through Connectus Protect, we offer a range of tools to defend against the accidental, the negligent, and the malicious attack, along with complying with the latest complex legislation.

    As well as an onsite consultancy which can cover Document Set creation and Cyber Awareness, we also offer full ISO audits, along with all three levels of Cyber Essentials Accreditation (Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials with IASME Governance and Cyber Essentials Plus) and Cyber Training for all your members of staff.

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    Get cyber-accredited

    Connectus Protect
    Cyber Software Deployment

    Our Connectus Protect software solution is designed to help your business remain cyber safe wherever your team or staff may be working.

    Vulnerability Scanning & Penetration Testing

    Experts in ethical hacking, we can undertake comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration, and Phishing Tests and provide three different grades of Audit Package.

    Keeping networks protected has become a critical corporate concern. Utilising sophisticated ethical hacking and penetration testing, Connectus can locate vulnerabilities and weaknesses that can lead to infrastructures, systems, applications and people becoming the target of cybercriminals.

    Connectus consultants are certified by and registered with CREST, a not-for-profit certification body that provides internationally recognised accreditations for organisations and individuals who provide penetration testing

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    DPO & CISO

    Virtual Data Protection Officers (DPO) and Virtual Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) are there to help inform and advise companies on data protection obligations. A DPO or CISO can be an existing employee or externally appointed, which is where Connectus comes in.

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    We can help guide clients through the complexities of modern regulatory compliance, including handling issues when something goes wrong and ensuring the business is compliant as quickly as possible. Connectus can also liaise with other DPOs and organisations on the client’s behalf.

    Connectus can support your businesses through comprehensive, tailored policies and procedures written in straightforward language for all levels, training workshops to cover computer security and data protection and support with ICO business registration if required.

    We can also help with incident response and support while acting as the primary point for Data Protection Act compliance.

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    Managed Extended Detection & Response (MXDR)

    Total protection, leave no room for security gaps

    Securing enterprises has become increasingly challenging today. The growth of distributed workforces, the increasing sophistication of attacks, and the growing dependence on third-party vendors have significantly expanded the attack surface, making it more complex than ever before.

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