Hosting Term & Conditions

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This Annex shall supplement the standard terms and conditions of Connectus Business Solutions Ltd (the “Terms”). In the event of an inconsistency between the Terms and this Annex, this Annex shall prevail.

1 Definitions

In this Annex, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

Downtime: the amount of time the Hosting Services are unavailable, as measured solely and only by the Company internal monitoring systems.

Setup Cost: the cost to the Customer of setting up the Hosting Services.

Uptime: the amount of time the Hosting Services are available, as measured solely and only by the Company internal monitoring systems.

2 The Hosting Services

2.1. Unless otherwise stated, the Hosting Service is unmanaged and although the Company will attempt to provide support for any third party software, no guarantee is made on the level of support the Company provides for any third party software.

2.2. Any problems caused by the Customer to the output of the Hosting Services, (which include, but are not limited to, deletion of necessary operating system files, accidental or intentional infection by a virus/Trojan) may result in extra charges to the Customer.

2.3. The Company shall have the right upon prior written notice to relocate the Customer service. In the event of an emergency, the Company may relocate the Customer service within such time as may be reasonable and without prior written notice as the circumstances reasonably warrant.

3 Customer obligations

3.1. The obligations in this paragraph 3 are in addition to those provided for at clause 5 of this Annex.

3.2. The Customer must ensure its usage of the Hosting Service is within the guidelines set out in the Acceptable Usage Policy.

4 Charges and payment

4.1. The Customer shall pay the Setup Cost and the ongoing fees of using the Hosting Services, as specified in the Order, within 14 days of falling due.

5 Term and Termination

5.1. This Contract shall commence on the date hereof and will continue for the Minimum Period, being 3 years from the date hereof.

5.2. At the end of each 12 month period from commencement of the Minimum Period, the Contract shall automatically renew for a further 3 years.