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Spartan Survival was established to provide authentic bushcraft and survival training courses and live on the ground experiences to families, schools and businesses and is for people who want to push themselves and experience something challenging, new and fun.

Founded by ex and current serving British Elite Military personnel trained to survive under pressure in the most hostile and austere environments in the world we have designed courses to educate, improve confidence, improve mental strength whilst enjoying your surroundings with friends, family or work colleagues.

Spartan required connectivity and cyber security cover on their online presence with professional advice as required. Plus, the supply of Microsoft Office 365 inc support. They were looking to find a provider to work with that offered a personal service and covered all our needs under one roof.

We dealt with any or all detected threats and advised Spartan on when a cyber security issue was present. For example, Spartan had an issue with a Russian based hacker, it was instantly picked up and quashed by the Connectus Cyber managed services solution.

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Connectus solution

Connectus provides Spartan Survival with



Cyber Protection

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Connectus supplied a friends company with similar services, they recommended we talk to Duncan at Connectus, since doing that we have never looked back and as we continue to scale, Connectus are a key partner. We now have a more confident online presence with the comfort that Connectus has our back allows us to sleep easy and deliver more of our courses. Connectus are a professional business partner that delivers what they say in a manner that supports our rapid and aggressive growth.

Ian Huntington | Managing Director, Spartan Survival

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