Thousands to benefit from ClearFibre Internet Service Provider

9th October 2020

ClearFibre Internet Service Provider

ClearFibre, the UK’s premium residential managed internet service provider, in partnership with Connectus, the UK’s premium commercial connectivity, cyber security and collaboration provider, have signed an exclusive agreement to target, design, deliver and install a suite of services to two of the UK’s largest residential developers across the Northern PowerHouse Region.

One of the projects already secured is the Wirral Waters development of 13,000 new homes and 20-million square feet of mixed-use space where Connectus are the nominated infrastructure provider. Services include highly secure managed internet services to 18,500 homes across the North West and Yorkshire regions. This consists of both existing residential homes and newbuilds and both apartments and houses.

ClearFibre will offer the latest advanced internet technology and full-fibre to the home managed internet will be delivered at speeds from 250Mbps to 1Gbps. Connectus will also provide additional connectivity services across the network along with VoIP solutions, collaboration software tools and cybersecurity for home workers and business users.

This is cutting edge technology, never before delivered in the UK in the residential sector. Ultrafast, secure, guaranteed services give both residents and employers peace of mind that home workers have the tools required to work effectively and without interruption of service. Services are backed with a stringent Service Level Agreement, so uptime is 100% guaranteed, along with the ability to make high-quality phone calls, wired, wireless and mobile.

This will, of course, benefit dispersed, socially distanced homeworkers and others who run businesses from home, giving further peace of mind they have the services that are crucial in today’s climate.

Paul Eaton, Chief Commercial officer for ClearFibre, said: “ClearFibre and Connectus have a unique opportunity to bring something very different to the market that is unique, but at a time when these tools are desperately needed for Residents in today’s changing world which directly benefits the Resident, personally and professionally and indirectly the companies they work for.”

Roy Shelton, Chief Executive Officer for Connectus, added: “Both our companies are very much aligned and complement each other well. Connectus have a deep passion for continually developing the products and range of Connect-Protect-Collaborate services we bring to the market. We are not just about connectivity, we are about end to end services and solutions for the benefit of people, families, communities and businesses not just in the North, but across the UK. We are extremely conscious of people, jobs and their financial situation, which is why we bring very high-quality products and services to people’s homes which are very, very affordable and are available from day one of moving in.”

This initial pipeline of projects is a combination of contracted and non-contracted business and is worth in the region of £4.2m annually over a three-to-four year period.