25th June 2024

BUSINESS managed service specialists Connectus Business Solutions has made another acquisition – as it continues to grow across the north-west.

In a major new deal, it has acquired the entire IT managed services customer base of The PC Support Company (PCSC), based in Scunthorpe.

Today’s announcement comes in the wake of Connectus’ acquisition of Mango Tech in September and IT 4 Growth in April.

Commenting on the acquisition, Roy Shelton, the CEO of the Connectus Group, said: “As part of our ambitions for organic and inorganic growth plan, I am delighted to announce we have acquired the IT managed services customer base of PCSC.

“This brings together around 50 businesses who consume a very similar range of products, principally the Microsoft stack, which we can expertly integrate.

“The deal benefits all our customers and will ensure they get access to a great range of hosting, telephony, and cyber security managed services enhanced in a cost-effective, robust and secure manner.”

It marks the latest success in a strong five years of organic and inorganic growth for Connectus.

The company has grown full-time recurring revenue customers by 233% from 150 in 2019 to 500 today.

This has enabled Connectus to secure double-digit growth for the past three years, and helped them acquire five companies as well as bringing on the client base of the PCSC.

It has opened an office in Salford and created 19 new roles in the business across project planning, engineering and client services.

Mr Shelton added: “This acquisition is another sign of the direction we are determined to take the Connectus in over the years ahead ensuring we focus on delivering compelling outcomes for all of our customers.”