Connectus gains G-Cloud 12 cloud services provider status

26th September 2020

G-cloud 12

Cloud connectivity expert Connectus is now approved as an official G-Cloud 12 cloud services provider under the UK government’s Digital Marketplace Framework, fulfilling all the criteria to provide bleeding-edge cloud services to the public sector.

The Government Cloud, also referred to as G-Cloud, is a UK government programme created to promote government-wide adoption of cloud computing.

The G-Cloud framework supports the government’s ‘Cloud First’ policy, introduced in 2013 to encourage public sector organizations to evaluate and pursue cloud-based services rather than on-premises alternatives.

After an extended application process, Connectus is now officially sanctioned to deliver cloud services across all three areas applied for – Cloud hosting, Cloud software and Cloud support – via its market-leading cyber consultancy and services.

Connectus had to demonstrate its ability to deliver products and services governed under the Crown Commercial Services Digital Marketplace Framework. Through this framework, potential public sector buyers can engage with Connectus for a wide range of products and services that enable them to mitigate risk, complexity, and costs when adopting new cloud technologies or the expertise to secure their cloud services.

Duncan Shaw, Group CTO, says: “This is a great opportunity for Connectus to establish itself in the public sector. We have demonstrated that our knowledge, strong values and processes can deliver complex solutions and help organisations embrace cloud technology as an enabler to work more effectively and efficiently – underpinned by our established Cyber Security Framework.”

Connectus is now proudly among a small, select group of accredited suppliers, having undergone a gruelling six month application process to prove its technical mettle, and future-proof capabilities. Connectus had to demonstrate its ability to meet criteria that provide assurances to buyers in terms of delivering products and services in line with relevant standards, in particular, those aligned with cybersecurity.

“We were part of the G-Cloud initiative before, but this is an extension of our previous offering, reflecting our growth in experience, capabilities and skill sets as a company. Under GCloud10, we provided hosting, but now we have the green light to also offer cloud software and support,” explains the CTO.

The growing team of technology experts at Connectus is keen to take advantage of this new ability to engage with public sector buyers – such as schools and regional governments – through established processes, providing controlled and well-managed delivery and support mechanisms.

Connectus’ detailed application and proof of capability means it can deliver expert, cost-effective services in three key Lots: Cloud Hosting, Cloud Software and Cloud Support, enabling public sectors bodies to create flexible and secure working practices that help them meet modern-day challenges.

This prestigious new status allows the company to bring its services to a new group of clients, having already developed an unmatched reputation in enterprise and B2B solutions. Connectus can now bring its years of knowledge and experience to the public sector, creating enormous opportunities to engage with new markets and establish itself as a trusted public sector partner.

The G-Cloud comprises a series of framework agreements with suppliers, from which public sector organisations can buy services without needing to run a full tender or competition procurement process. Via an online store – the “Digital Marketplace” (previously “CloudStore”), where Connectus is now to be found – public sector bodies cna easily and efficiently search for services covered by the G-Cloud frameworks.

The new G-Cloud 12 framework is an agreement between the government and suppliers of cloud services, such as Connectus. For the buyer, procuring services through a framework is more efficient than posting and managing multiple, individual contracts.