Connectus launches business connectivity revolution in Cheshire

17th February 2021

For too many years, the 100-plus companies operating out of Cheshire-based Winsford Industrial Estate have suffered from poor quality internet connectivity, hampering communications and effective business.

But now, dragging the estate into the 21st century, Connectus, one of the leading corporate connectivity providers in the region, has designed, funded and deployed a gigabit-capable broadband network to allow businesses to remain competitive in this hyper-connected era.

Roy Shelton, Connectus CEO, says: “Winsford Industrial Estate is us planting our flag for our future plans – creating smart, digital-enabled business parks across the Northern Powerhouse region and selective sites in the Midlands and Thames Valley areas. Our network is now live and we already have one forward-looking customer – Tripak Services connected – with our ultrafast, gigabit leased-line broadband. This company is just the first of many to reap the benefits of a Connectus connection with demand strong from many others across the estate.

“During the continuing pandemic era, it’s never been more crucial for business to be able to communicate efficiently, effectively and appropriately. When companies are concerned for their very survival, business connectivity simply shouldn’t be a business concern,” adds Shelton.

Connectus delivers internet services where others fear to tread – and our ultrafast gigabit broadband connections are now available to all those operating out of the busy estate.

Prior to introducing those businesses on the estate to 2021-level internet, those on the estate had to endure outdated Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) connectivity. Now, Connectus is here to offer a new benchmark in secure, fast and reliable business connectivity.

“For businesses to succeed, they need reliable, robust and cost-effective connectivity and we are doing our bit to help all the fantastic companies in the heart of Cheshire not only survive – but thrive, thanks to our benchmark offering. Connectus will enable businesses on the industrial estate to go to the next level, with our ‘Connect, Protect, Collaborate’ philosophy,” adds Shelton.

In line with the Connectus managed services Connect, Protect, Collaborate model they are also offering businesses on the estate a holistic approach to connectivity, cybersecurity and business collaboration – exactly what companies need to align their business with future-proof IT services whilst mitigating cost, complexity and risk.

Established in Winsford in 1993, Tripak Services provides packing and filling services to various industries, as well as being a leading international bottler and packager of toiletries, perfumes and fine fragrances.

Finance Director Peter Richardson says: “As a growing business, we realised our IT capabilities – and our connectivity – was rapidly becoming obsolete. We need systems in place that allow us not only to operate internationally, but to do so competitively. Connectus is providing us with the backbone we need to grow our company fast, while we concentrate on our core competencies, without worrying about IT failures, outages or security breaches.”

As Connectus’ Business Development Director, Andy Marsden puts it: “We are providing Tripak with an unbeatable suite of services, including desktop and laptop computer support, end-user device support, and Voice-over-IP telephony services and support. Connectus maintains the company’s hardware and software. But above all, we upgraded Tripak’s WiFi, and connected them to our network to fully enable fast, reliable and rock-solid business-grade broadband.”

Marsden adds: “The Connectus services have already proven their value with one bold client and we are providing higher quality, faster connectivity than the more expensive, and increasingly outdated fibre-to-the-cabinet connections all the other local businesses have.

“To remain competitive in the current era, companies have to rely on the best technology they can afford – and we are ensuring business on the Winsford Estate have the chance to keep ahead of the competition with the rollout of our dedicated gigabit network for the area.”

Andy further explains the sort of company that Connectus works best with – rapidly growing SMEs with rapidly growing technology needs: “We can step in, offer appropriate, jargon-free analysis of what’s needed, and get a company switched up to best quality broadband, state-of-the-art telephony and seamless cloud services and security in a fantastically short time.”

Connectus’ vision of better connected, smart, digitally-enabled business parks will see the rapid rollout of leased line services all across the north-west, with further national expansion plans.