Connectus Partners with KTSL to deploy new AIaaS Solutions

21st June 2021

Connectus are partnering with KTSL to launch two new AIaaS (Artificial Intelligence as a Service) solutions on the Connectus cloud platform.

Connectus and KTSL have today announced that KUPA and KIMI, two existing KTSL products will be available on a SaaS platform.  Built to drive business improvement, delivering ticket and knowledge management, KUPA and KIMI allow end-users to self-serve via chatbot, Teams, WhatsApp, or however they prefer to work.

What is KUPA?

Driven by advanced AI, KUPA integrates with your existing service management environment, translating user requests to show you exactly where the real issues are and how to solve them. Knowing where to look makes it possible to target immediate business priorities, providing ROI within a month of use.

Allowing access to support via familiar channels such as Teams, Yammer, WhatsApp or using chatbots, KUPA makes service management easier. Service teams can get straight to the underlying cause of problems, while end users are given the chance to solve issues themselves using knowledge articles.

How it can help your business

KUPA helps your business cut through the noise in service management allowing you to focus on what you need to improve. By using AI and people, side by side, it does the heavy lifting and gives you access to the analytics you need.

KUPA saves your employees looking in the wrong place, solving the wrong issue, then making repeat mistakes. With a better experience for the service team, it improves productivity within the workplace tenfold. You can easily understand the impact of any changes you have made in the business, track progression, or highlight areas of, or needing, improvement.

With KUPA on the case, tickets cost less and there are fewer of them. Your team can assist people faster and more efficiently with reliable information, meaning happier, more engaged employees and better service provided to customers!

KUPA can also support your business by:

  • Uncovers trends and discovers hidden patterns
  • Detecting major incidents, critical issues, and spotting similarities among open cases
  • Improving knowledge to deflect tickets, reduce call volumes and discover any gaps or duplicates
  • Prioritising work by asking the right questions so that incidents, cases, and tasks go to the right team, ensuring urgent issues are dealt with efficiently
  • Recommending actions to support agents by connecting the dots and suggesting tasks and content to help them solve issues faster 

What is KIMI?

KIMI, a single integrated interface, available on all devices, allows end users to access services across multiple applications in one place, from third party data, multiple internal applications, or simple one-off views.

Powered by our AI engine, KIMI delivers ticket and knowledge management, allowing end-users to self-serve via chatbot, Teams, WhatsApp, or however they prefer to work.

How can KIMI help your businesses?

For an end user, it can take time to find information. Using KIMI, time to raise requests is reduced as they’re able to access the right data faster, seeing exactly what they need, from anywhere. Making this information so accessible means that your employees can spend more time getting on with other duties, and less time looking for information between several interfaces.

With your employees now better able to get on with what really matters, you’ll see increased levels of employee and customer experience.

KIMI doesn’t just benefit your employees; it benefits your entire business!

Tasks become easier to complete, employees become more productive, costs are optimised, customers receive a better service, customer loyalty increases and so does staff retention.

KIMI can also support your business with:

  • Ticket Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Support for multiple customers
  • Chatbot
  • Out of the box integration to Teams
  • Leveraging AI to ‘suggest’ answers based on your organisation
  • Power BI reporting
  • Connecting the dots and suggesting tasks and content to help them solve issues faster

“KTSL are recognised as leader in the service management industry. I am thrilled to have been chosen as their hosting and security partner as this is testimony to the Connectus- Connect and Protect Managed Services attack which is proven to mitigate cost, complexity and risk for our clients and partners.”

Roy Shelton, Group Chief Executive Officer – Connectus

Partnering with Connectus has given us the opportunity to offer a secure SAAS platform for our customers to leverage our Service Management expertise and allow us to help customers using our KUPA and KIMI products, analysing data and also providing advice and guidance, from small-mid and large enterprise.”

            Aaron Perrott, CTO – KTSL

KUPA and KIMI are available now through Connectus Cloud, a secure platform providing a unique SAAS service. For more information on KUPA and KIMI, visit AI for IT Service Management Software | KUPA by KTSL or contact hello@ktsl.