How to handle the switching off of PSTN

9th February 2023

Connectus Group director Duncan Shaw has provided his advice on how to handle PSTN switch-off.

His comments form part of an article on StartUps, which you can read here.

Duncan says: “A lot has been written in recent months about the impact of the PSTN and ISDN switch off. This has mostly revolved around the opportunity to switch to internet-based services, such as voice over IP.  Many people have explored how this new communication technology will help businesses evolve, but  the real question is ‘ How does this impact on how I can better serve customers and improve internal communications’.

“It’s important to start by asking, what works and what doesn’t work today.  And also ask ‘what’s the strategy in terms of the forms of communications that will serve my business best in the future’.  Many businesses are surprised that their volume of calls have reduced over time, which provides the realisation that the business has been incurring unnecessary costs.  The demographics of your customers will also likely have changed, bringing with it other forms of communication platforms.

“It’s important there that you don’t see the switch-off as a straightforward process of replacing what you have today.  Consider how you want to make communications work for you to maximise your ability to reach your customers efficiently and effectively.  We have a diverse workforce today; hybrid working is here to stay.  Decide how you will allow your staff to operate freely, regardless of location.

“This is going to be a business changing opportunity.  But to make the most of that opportunity it’s vital to take informed decisions, remove risk and minimise the complexity from the process. This, in turn, will help you to control costs.”

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