Opportunity knocks: What to expect in tech in 2023

1st December 2022

As the end of the year approaches fast, many experts across the tech sector are busily predicting what the next 12 months will bring. Here at the Connectus Group we fully expect 2023 to be full of opportunities – not just for us, but for the fantastic clients we support. But where might the best opportunities lie? Which areas of tech are likely to expand, and develop quickest? And where are the risk-areas we must remain mindful of?

Here, our Group Commercial Director Mark Wiseman, gives his verdict on what 2023 may hold for the tech sector.

“More and more businesses are moving towards the cloud. By 2025, 60% of infrastructure, security, data, and network offerings will require cloud-based control platforms that enable extensive automation and promise major reductions in ongoing operating costs. So next year will be a key transition period for many businesses. Companies are increasingly likely to look to outside IT providers who can help support this move to the Cloud.

“I also expect to see rapid advancements in the use of Augmented Reality, deployment of chatbots and the expansion of 5G as three key trends in 2023 that, if utilised, can help accelerate growth for many forward thinking businesses.

In particular, an effective 5G network provides fast data transfer, and is essential to the newest technologies and IoT. It’s vital all areas of the UK, not just the south-east, benefit from it. We still have extreme tech-poverty in parts of the north of England and in rural locations across the country. This has to end.

At the same time as embracing opportunities, businesses continue to face risks from cyber-security criminals who are forever changing their tactics and creating misery. The cost of living crisis next year will only make this risk more acute, and any businesses tempted to downgrade the amount of resources they spend in this area could be in for a nasty and very costly wake up call. So next year will bring bigger risks to beware of.

According to many forecasts, annual investment in AI technology will hit £15bn globally by 2030. So it’s clear we are on a path towards relying on AI more and more, and this will accelerate through 2023. Public companies, private firms and the general public have already been using AI for quite some time. But I expect its use to be turbocharged in the next 12 months.

The Internet Of Things will be even bigger this time next year than it is now. The IoT is an extensive system of electronic devices that automatically communicates and exchanges various information and data through the web. Every year, the number of IoT devices used by a single person increases. It is estimated that by 2030, each person will be using up to 20 IoT devices so the next 12 months will be key in bringing more and more people up to speed with the benefits of the IoT, and how it can help them in their everyday lives. As IoT grows, so must our awareness of the security risks – we often think of cyber security at work but must be just as vigilant at home.”