The cyber threat is not going away-making a plan to protect your business in 2024

20th December 2023

The upcoming year will present new and ever-changing challenges in the field of cybersecurity.

Here at Connectus our team of experts will, as always, be striving to ensure that we pivot and overcome any of the hurdles next year may bring.

Working on behalf of our clients we will continue to invest in the best resources to ensure our clients continue to receive an award-winning level of service.

Here our CEO Roy Shelton sets out where he thinks the biggest challenges will emerge over the next 12 months.

He said: “I feel there will be a growing adoption of AI when it comes to prevention and mitigation. Companies will strive to get on the front foot more in order to deal with the growing sophistication and volume of threats. The use of AI will also be required to address the skills storage in cyberspace; so if AI can reduce the number of false positives and allow security experts to focus on known and actual threats this would be a positive.

“There will continually be an increase in phishing and malware attacks and social engineering will also significantly increase with more cohesion and possible intimidation.

“Sadly this will be matched by a continued skills shortage within the space and this is not just around threat detection and analysis but also around remediation following an attack.

“Proactive cyber security is hard for companies to achieve as they generally lack the skills , experience, and tools to do so. By partnering with a partner, companies can finally get on the front foot and have round the clock protection and stop being reactive and living in the hope that nothing will impact their business from a cyber perspective.

“The cyber threat is not going away and as we live our lives and run our businesses in an increasingly complex digital landscape where data theft and malicious brand damage is becoming all too regular occurrence. More and more companies (especially within the SME space) will look for a complete end to end cyber security managed service to allow them to focus on their core business.

“Cyber Insurance cover costs will continue to rise – especially for those companies with substandard cyber security protocols and accreditation.”