Connectus meets cyber challenge for Urban Technology Group

15th September 2020

The Urban Technology Group has signed a three-year hosting deal and cyber security audit services from Connectus, a leading connectivity and value-added services partner.

Chester-based Urban Technology Group (Urban) delivers bespoke CRM and ERP software solutions, consulting, planning and technology management services, and called upon the specialist services provided by Connectus to avoid the unnecessary business headaches that are often associated with providing non-core services.

Lou Crane, CEO at The Urban Technology Group, says: “With so many of us working remotely, we have all been looking at our processes, and robust cybersecurity is key to that. The pandemic has pushed us into making sure our company and data is secure. We want to ensure our data – and our client’s data – is as safe and secure as it can be. Working from remote locations can compromise sensitive data, and our Connectus audit means we are doing everything to ensure data integrity across our systems and networks.”

Connectus has also been appointed by The Urban Technology Group to provide a comprehensive three-year hosting deal. The deal means Urban can concentrate on its core expertise, without concern over hosting issues. The company needs a dual-layer of hosting – a client development area, and a live environment.

Lou says: “We made a decision not to host directly, but rather bring in a specialist with the skills or tools we simply don’t possess. We knew exactly what we needed, but didn’t want the headaches associated with hosting. We are a Windows server company, and Connectus jumped in with a viable, cost effective solution that means we don’t have to pass the costs onto our clients.Connectus also provides round-the-clock support and maintenance, which is reassuring.”

The CEO says the mindset has shifted from large companies thinking they had to work with other large companies to a model where specialists – like Urban and Connectus – are much more in favour.

Andy Marsden, Group Business Development Director, Connectus, says: “Lou and her team have realised the advantages of outsourcing certain technology elements to us – with our deep expertise, experience and hands-on support and maintenance. Since Connectus started, we’ve always had a mission to provide a suite of appropriate services to help protect businesses and enable them to scale fast enough to create and maintain a sustainable and competitive advantage. We are delighted to partner with The Urban Technology Group in its ongoing business success.”